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Lux Brows & Lashes

Brow Puff

Brow Puff

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Lux Brow Puff is the ultimate natural microfibre cloth for cleansing your face and brows. Use our Brow Puffs to cleanse your skin, then once you've applied your moisturiser/serums, its crucial to wipe your brows with the damp Brow Puff to remove any lotions, serums, potions etc from the brow. We apply lotions to our forehead, avoiding the brow area, they penetrate and migrate to the brow area. We DO NOT want the lotions to remain sitting on the brows as they will break down brow treatments (Hybrid / Tinting, Lamination and Feathering).  Active skin care works to break down pigment, blemishes, hence your tint, lamination and feathering, active ingredients must not come in contact with tattooing as it will discolour, bleach/breakdown (to pink/orange brows) and blur the tattoo pigment leaving your tattoo discoloured and patchy.

DIRECTIONS : Use the Brow Puff daily to gently cleanse, remove makeup and keep your brows clean and free from active skincare which, break down your brow treatments. Active skin care will work to break down your tint, lamination and feathering - discolouring (bleaching), blurring leaving your tattoo patchy. Wet your Brow Puff, squeeze out excess water, gently wipe your brows removing any serums, moisturisers, sunscreen etc that reach the brow area. Rinse clean your Brow Puff with water, hang to dry on your tap with the cute black ribbon and then its ready to reuse tomorrow. Wash your Brow Puff every 3-5 days in the washing machine with your normal wash and line air dry. Available in a convenient 2 pack. 

Lux Brow Puffs are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to makeup wipes. Reduce, reuse and enjoy great brows.

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