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Brow Styling Soap with Dual Spoolie & Brush $16.50 OFF

Brow Styling Soap with Dual Spoolie & Brush $16.50 OFF

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Brow Styling Soap is all about brow hold, keeping your brows perfectly in place all day, creating fuller, fluffier brows and taming those unruly brow hairs and yet its so lightweight you don't know you're even wearing it. Lux Brow Styling Soap has been formulated as a mega food for your brows containing Castor, Coconut, Olive & Jojoba Oils. Our Castor Oil contains Ricinoleic acid which promotes hair growth and fights hair loss and the Coconut Oil seeps into your hair follicles and helps promotes growth. You’ve got to try it to believe how amazing this is.

The Dual Spoolie & Brush puts the Brow Styling Soap to work, placing each individual hair right where you want it to be. First brush your brows, wet the Spoolie with water, pat the wet Spoolie dry, on a towel, for extra brow hold spray Spoolie with makeup Setting Spray. Rub the Spoolie in the Brow Styling Soap. Apply to the brows from the base moving in an up and outward motion, more or less can be applied to achieve your desired brow look.

PRO TIP : Pat the wet Spoolie DRY (with a towel) prior to placing in the brow soap, the Spoolie will feel dry to touch, this is perfect. If your Spoolie is to wet the brow soap will not hold, will leave a residue in the brow and wipe your makeup off. Rinse clean your Spoolie with water after each use, if makeup transfers to your Brow Styling Soap wipe Brow Soap clean with a damp tissue. 

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